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The idea that it is a human being who first takes a look at the resume of a potential job candidate is on the verge of becoming outdated. Today, research shows that it is artificial intelligence in the form of a software program that can first review a resume. This form of technology will search the resume for key words to see if the candidate has used words that match with the employer’s desired skill sets.

Unfortunately, you may be losing great talent!  Keywords are good, but there are different terms that candidates can use which will be missed by the system. Can you afford to let top talent slip away due to words alone.

AI has the potential to become a real time-saver for employers, but it is far from perfect. Artificial intelligence cannot replace human intelligence. Figures currently show that as many as 65 percent of people begin looking for a new job after only three months with an employer. If you’re looking for help with full-time recruitment solutions, Flex Execs Management Solutions has cost-effective, on-demand solutions to meet your needs.

What does the rise of artificial intelligence mean for recruiters and hiring managers looking to make better decisions?

The Role of Recruiters in the Hiring Process

Good recruiters help develop onboarding processes that yield positive results and avoid high turnover and new-hire discontent. In a well-designed interview, a skilled recruiter wants to gain insight and detail about the thought processes of potential candidates. Such processes will draw out behaviors and characteristics that point toward building a successful employment match.

This can be achieved by asking a mix of open-ended and technical questions. Skilled recruiters decide in advance the behavioral characteristics they want to see in a candidate. Then they develop questions that will draw out the answers they need.

What the recruiter will want to avoid are questions that allow only for short answers. If a majority of questions ask for only “yes” or “no” responses, insights into a candidate’s thought processes are limited; also limited are opportunities for interpersonal connection. These types of answers that don’t require as deep thinking may eventually be addressed by artificial intelligence solutions in some capacity.

When Flex Execs’ team members are called upon to work with clients, we work to understand the technical skills and the intangible, interpersonal skills successful candidates will need.

Questions to Help Identify the Potential for Growth

Andrew Carnegie was one of the drivers of the industrialization of American industry.  Over a hundred years ago, he said, “You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb.” Today his statement is still true.

If you want employees who will ultimately advance through your organization, develop questions based upon events that have happened within your organization. Did you face a crisis because of supply issues? Ask a candidate to describe the steps he or she took to resolve a similar issue.  Or, describe an issue your organization faced and ask candidates how they would have handled it.

Flex Execs is here to handle your questions about hiring issues. Looking for a customized staffing solution that addresses your team’s greatest needs? Call us today.

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