For a growing business, one location is often not enough. When you have multiple locations in rural areas, finding the right talent is a challenge for most companies, especially in a tight candidate market.  Couple that with the lowest unemployment rates in our lifetimes, and it can mean serious recruiting challenges.

Our client told us that the successful applicants would be in highly-visible positions and would be working in various rural areas.  The company needed to have the positions filled quickly but had not been having success working with other talent agencies.

Finding the Right Candidates Means Taking the Right Approach and Being Creative

Using the expertise of our recruiters and considering the unique needs of our manufacturing client, we were able to take the focus beyond finding the right managerial fit. Our team looked at what types of people would be a strong fit for their culture and engaged unique and creative recruiting strategies to identify the right people.

Placing the emphasis on leadership skills and culture fit, we were able to find interested candidates in the targeted rural areas that were a great fit for these mid- to senior-level management positions! Our Client was  able to fill these critical positions within a matter of weeks with talented people that fit the bill for their  needs

How Impressed was Our Manufacturing Client?

Equally important to the approach we took to drive results, we did so at a savings of nearly 40% under what a traditional search firm would have charged! The client was happy, and we were happy to hear her say, “Flex Execs has done such a great job that all the hiring managers are asking specifically to work with your company.”

Is your team looking for a fresh approach to direct hire recruiting or interim management solutions? Let Flex Execs Management Solutions help you reach your hiring goals to. Contact us today.

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