A Flex Execs Case Study

An insurance company called us to ask for our help in developing a recruitment plan for their customer service department. The previous staffing firm filling these customer service positions did not have a strong assessment process, leading to unqualified employees being hired. Staff turnover was high and was resulting in customer service problems.

This case brings to mind a well-known saying from Warren Buffett: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Taking that thought to heart, the client told us to get to work promptly.

The Flex Execs Solution

In order to meet the client’s expectations, we put a team of five of our top recruiters to work.  They, in turn, did a situation analysis and developed a new plan designed to attract stronger candidates.

A major part of our plan was to put in place a pre-screening process that would do a better job of eliminating unqualified candidates early in the process.

Good customer service representatives need to be inherent problem solvers who like helping people.   They need patience, enthusiasm and commitment, as well as good speaking and writing skills.  Also important is empathy.  Current business research shows that demonstrating empathy and making better connections with customers to help them solve their problems has become a differentiator for successful companies in a world dominated by the Internet.

After taking this complex array of required skills into account, we designed a screening process that  proved to be an excellent predictor of a candidate’s suitability for work in our client’s customer service environment.

A Successful Outcome

As a result of the new recruiting procedures, our client  experienced lower turnover rates and improved customer service quality. Because of the reduced turnover, the client also reports a savings to their organization of $250,000 compared to the first vendor.

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