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flex execs artificial intelligence hiring process

The idea that it is a human being who first takes a look at the resume of a potential job candidate is on the verge of becoming outdated. Today, research shows that it is artificial intelligence in the form of a software program that can first review a resume. This form of technology will search the resume for key words to see if the candidate has used words that match with the employer’s desired skill sets.

Unfortunately, you may be losing great talent!  Keywords are good, but there are different terms that candidates can use which will be missed by the system. Can you afford to let top talent slip away due to words alone.

AI has the potential to become a real time-saver for employers, but it is far from perfect. Artificial intelligence cannot replace human intelligence. Figures currently show that as many as 65 percent of people begin looking for a new job after only three months with an employer. If you’re looking for help with full-time recruitment solutions, Flex Execs Management Solutions has cost-effective, on-demand solutions to meet your needs.

What does the rise of artificial intelligence mean for recruiters and hiring managers looking to make better decisions?

The Role of Recruiters in the Hiring Process

Good recruiters help develop onboarding processes that yield positive results and avoid high turnover and new-hire discontent. In a well-designed interview, a skilled recruiter wants to gain insight and detail about the thought processes of potential candidates. Such processes will draw out behaviors and characteristics that point toward building a successful employment match.

This can be achieved by asking a mix of open-ended and technical questions. Skilled recruiters decide in advance the behavioral characteristics they want to see in a candidate. Then they develop questions that will draw out the answers they need.

What the recruiter will want to avoid are questions that allow only for short answers. If a majority of questions ask for only “yes” or “no” responses, insights into a candidate’s thought processes are limited; also limited are opportunities for interpersonal connection. These types of answers that don’t require as deep thinking may eventually be addressed by artificial intelligence solutions in some capacity.

When Flex Execs’ team members are called upon to work with clients, we work to understand the technical skills and the intangible, interpersonal skills successful candidates will need.

Questions to Help Identify the Potential for Growth

Andrew Carnegie was one of the drivers of the industrialization of American industry.  Over a hundred years ago, he said, “You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb.” Today his statement is still true.

If you want employees who will ultimately advance through your organization, develop questions based upon events that have happened within your organization. Did you face a crisis because of supply issues? Ask a candidate to describe the steps he or she took to resolve a similar issue.  Or, describe an issue your organization faced and ask candidates how they would have handled it.

Flex Execs is here to handle your questions about hiring issues. Looking for a customized staffing solution that addresses your team’s greatest needs? Call us today.

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flex execs achievement based resume

You’ve heard it before: “Words matter.” Indeed, they do. They are especially important when it comes to making sure that your resume showcases your achievements.

The hardest thing about putting a resume together is making sure you capture the reader’s interest in the first 30 seconds. It’s not enough to just have a list of duties and responsibilities, employers today want to know how your employment positively impacted your previous or current employer – and how will you do it for them (i.e. I gave my previous employer a Ferrari, and I can do the same for you!)

One way is to quantify 1-3 accomplishments as well as listing your duties and responsibilities. Remember, a resume is not a grocery list; it is your brochure, the marketing document for YOU, Inc. If they don’t see it in the first 30 seconds they scan your resume, you may have lost your chance for the job.

Show Problems, Actions and Results in a Concise Manner

Experts tell us that people get a general impression of us within a minute or less, and that is true of a hiring manager who is studying a resume. The fact is that your resume gives off signals immediately.

Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager. Which of these bullet points catch your eye more?

  • Managed, facilitated and administered the accounting function. Oversaw the production of financial statements.
  • Under my leadership, the time to monthly close was cut from 10 days to 3, and the outstanding accounts receivable were reduced by 25%. This resulted in greater cash flow and a savings of 5% on loan interest payments.

Frame your actions in a simple bullet-point format that summarizes your accomplishment and the positive results it achieved. What has your employer praised you for? What have customers expressed gratitude for? You may be surprised at the list you can compile.

Lead With Your Achievements

Take the example of a client who had a human resources background. They had developed a training program that reduced the time involved in every company sales transaction, to the extent of about $0.75 per transaction. Sounds insignificant? Well, this company typically processed 1000 transactions per day, 6 days a week, for a total annual savings of about $234,000.

The cost to develop and deliver the training program was approximately $50,000, so the return on investment (ROI) was over 400%. Quite an accomplishment – but it was not on their resume, not in their cover letter and not in their answer to my question, “tell me about yourself”. In this case it took almost an hour of hard questioning to uncover and quantify this significant accomplishment! Most hiring managers won’t work that hard, so you need to make it easy for them.

Stand Out From the Pack With Positive Achievements

At Flex Execs, we do our best to help candidates showcase their achievements in the best way possible!  If you are exploring the possibility of expanding your horizons, let us help. Contact Flex Execs today.

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flex execs meet goals with reduced resources

When demand for products and services rise, maximizing the resources available to you becomes more important than ever. The key to your success in this kind of situation will require planning and sound strategy. It also means recognizing that working smarter rather than harder will see you through the challenges that lie ahead.

Business leaders have strong, positive forward-looking expectations for the second quarter of 2018, according to the RSM US Middle Market Business Index. Additionally, Flex Execs’ interim and full-time recruiting solutions help clients quickly fill positions on an interim or permanent basis to meet their management needs. Working towards these improving outlooks, how can you help your team maximize the resources available to you to meet your goals?

Develop a Strategic Vision for Accomplishing Goals

Communication among staff is a must if fluctuating demand schedules are to be met. This communication can take the form of in-person or on-line meetings coupled with calendar management, follow-up and prioritization. Whatever form it takes, integrating the communication plan into your structure is important. Good communication is the lifeblood of any relationship, whether business or personal.  In business, it is communication that can anticipate peaks in demand. This, in turn, will decrease the likelihood that a crisis will develop when demand rises.

In planning for increases in demand, think creatively regarding ways to put staff to the best use possible. Airlines, retail outlets and small businesses regularly use cross training to allow for flexibility. By planning for the training ahead of need, staff is available when demand rises but resources remain constant. For example, at Flex Execs, part of our mission is to help you meet the personnel requirements that come with rising demand.

Constantly Evaluate Your Resources and Plan for Optimization

Improvement in process and resources takes feedback. Hear and truly listen to the ideas of others. Doing this will help you refine your own thoughts and develop the plans you will need to meet increases in demand. Another “plus” is that it may lead to ideas that will help reduce costs. In short, new ideas, may be as close as an active team meeting in which everyone is asked to bring his or her ideas regarding a chosen topic. By taking just this simple step, you may be able to find ways to expand personnel options, creatively expand capacity, or explore ways to share equipment with nearby businesses.

Strategy Helps Your Team Quickly Respond to Changing Circumstances

Longtime Apple executive Steve Jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” We take that thought to heart.  Flex Execs is here to be part of your team.  Call us today.

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flex execs effective business leaders

During our careers each of us has had many “supervisors,” but we would not call all of those individuals “leaders.” Leaders stand above the crowd and project a combination of many traits including enthusiasm, self-assurance and charisma.

George Washington was regarded as one of the most outstanding leaders in American history. According to author and researcher Richard C. Stazesky, Washington won accolades because he demonstrated leadership that was combined with an incorruptible character. What can business leaders learn from the first president of the United States?

1. Set Goals

When you set goals and manage yourself, you are building valuable leadership skills. Part of managing yourself is learning to respond to people and events in an appropriate way, all while avoiding the trap of being too reserved or inflexible. Washington was considered a “visionary leader” because he was skillful in designing and creating an organizational culture which made possible the attainment of his visions and ideas.

2. Adjust Your Strategy When Needed

Have a vision for success, but be prepared to adjust your strategies to capture emerging opportunities or tackle unexpected challenges. Adjusting strategy does not mean you have lost your vision; it means you will be flexible to adapt in order to achieve your vision.

3. Show Others Your Word is Your Bond

Develop trust by showing others you can be counted on to keep your promises and demonstrate loyalty. Washington’s soldiers and staff stayed with him during the most difficult of times because they believed in him and his ideas.

4. Know When to Listen

Great leaders have an innate sense of when to talk and when to listen. Leaders need to hear ideas in order to evaluate them. A staff that fears you will likely only tell you what they think you want to hear.

5. Let Your Leadership Demonstrate Your Character

Effective leaders take responsibility for their own mistakes, and they expect others to do the same. You can’t always be right, but you can always acknowledge what mistakes were made.

6. Put Brainstorming to Work

Encourage creativity and brainstorming. You have probably seen how often your ideas can be given new dimensions by getting the input of others. Put that knowledge to work for you. By doing so, you create lasting relationships as you build your networks.

7. Leaders Accomplish Goals – And Show Respect for Their Teams

Set goals and put them in writing, but recognize that the accomplishment of a goal must be accompanied by a respect for others. Washington knew that the use of unethical and disrespectful means to attain short-range goals could alienate others and prevent the attainment of long-range goals.

Your Vision and Our Team Can Work Together

As your career plans evolve to meet your visions of success, we are here to work with you. Building great teams means seeking out great fits for great business leaders. George Washington worked hard to build his leadership skills to build a nation. We’ll work hard to build your career to the next level. If you are looking for a new opportunity, contact the team at Flex Execs Management Solutions today.

flex execs find excellent fit

flex execs put hiring process on fast track

A growing economy and robust employment are making qualified job candidates increasingly scarce. In short, top talent is now at a premium! It is now more important than ever to streamline hiring and move quickly to put well-qualified applicants on your payroll. What can you do as a hiring manager to win the battle for the right candidates?

Your Job Posting is Your First Impression

When you need to hire new staff, you want to get interest and follow-up action from qualified applicants. Start by giving a brief overview of your company and highlight what you have to offer such as excellent benefits, paid time off, work-life balance or career growth opportunities. Help candidates identify what makes working for your company different from anyone else.

Write a concise job description, but consider enhancing it to make it more than a generic list of skills. One way to do this is to add words such as “you” or “your” into the phrases used in the listing. Research has shown that personalization encourages the likelihood of positive responses. For example, after listing your needs you might say, “Your experience and our team can be a perfect match. Let’s explore the options together. Apply today!”

Give Candidates a Clear Path to Apply

Steps to apply should be clear and concise. When you have reviewed resumes and credentials and have narrowed your list of interview candidates, decide how to best determine an individual candidate’s strengths. If your new hire will meet regularly with outside clients, ask each candidate to prepare a short presentation for the screening panel. This will allow you to spot strengths (or weaknesses) that could impact your bottom line.

Extra time spent in a skill demonstration gives the members of the interview team additional input into how the candidate would fit into the existing company culture. This is important because every hire –whether temporary or permanent – impacts the group where they are placed.

Streamline Your Interview Process

Since time is of the essence in a tight market, schedule interviews with candidates as soon as possible since your competitors may have a faster process than you do. Determine who is absolutely necessary to the interview process, and do not include others since that can lengthen the process. Who will actually make the final decision? Make certain this is clear in case there is disagreement about a candidate.

At some point before the interview, have everyone determine what experience and culture fit is critical that the candidate has so everyone is on the same page during the interview. Have a rating scale. Have the candidate meet everyone in one day to minimize the time the candidate has to take away from other priorities. Designate someone to be responsible for determining what type of offer the candidate would want, so when the time comes to offer, you make one offer that is hopefully accepted. Have all interviewers confer right after the interview to assess the candidate and determine immediately if you want to make an offer or not.

Find Talent When You Need It

When talent is needed quickly on an interim basis, Flex Execs Management Solutions is here to help.  Our recruiting solutions and expert staff will work with you to meet your hiring goals. Contact us today to get started!

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