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One of our clients with multiple food packaging plants around Chicago called to say they were opening another new plant in the Chicago area.

They did not have the internal resources to handle staffing the entire plant and, as we have often heard from clients, they needed to fill positions quickly. They wanted to know if we were up to the challenge.  Our answer was a definitive “Yes!”

Our Challenge and Our Plan

Our client was going to need to fill approximately 100 positions ranging from line personnel to plant management. The client knew of our strong reputation as a result of having talked with another client who had sought our help and been pleased with the results.

Our first step was to develop a strategy. We needed to know the deadline for filling all positions. Once that was determined, we set about filling positions based upon their priority rankings on our pre-determined list.

We put together a team of recruiters that was headed by an assigned project manager. Each recruiter was given a number of positions to fill and each team had very specific requirements as to the types of individual skills that would be required of successful applicants. Within two weeks we had the first set of candidates ready for interview and our team was ready to assist with reference checks so that job offers could be made within only a few days after the first interviews.

It was a successful result for everyone.

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Recently, an international manufacturing company called us with a request to quickly fill a critical position. It is the type of call we receive often.

In this case, the company’s benefit manager was going out on medical leave just before their benefit open enrollment period was set to begin. They needed a strong, experienced benefit professional who could step in and hit the ground running. This meant that we had to find a self-sufficient individual who was an expert in the field.

The Flex Execs Solution

Recruiters at Flex Execs have a wide range of networking contacts. These contacts have been built through client relationships, professional memberships, ongoing education and formal industry experience. We immediately applied that experience to find a strong benefits manager for our client.

Within a day of the client’s call, the team of recruiters met to develop a plan of action and to decide what sources could be tapped to find and hire an interim benefits manager. Within a few days, we had located and set interviews with likely candidates. Within a week, we had the interim benefits manager on board for our client.

Satisfied Clients Are the Core of Our Business

Once the new hire began work, she was able to handle the entire open enrollment process without a problem. Our client told us, “We literally never could have gotten everything done without her.  She is a dream come true and a lifesaver to help us get everything set up for open enrollment. She also created 1,300 individual letters for merit increases. We could never have accomplished all of these things without her, and we are just so thankful.”

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A Flex Execs Case Study

An insurance company called us to ask for our help in developing a recruitment plan for their customer service department. The previous staffing firm filling these customer service positions did not have a strong assessment process, leading to unqualified employees being hired. Staff turnover was high and was resulting in customer service problems.

This case brings to mind a well-known saying from Warren Buffett: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Taking that thought to heart, the client told us to get to work promptly.

The Flex Execs Solution

In order to meet the client’s expectations, we put a team of five of our top recruiters to work.  They, in turn, did a situation analysis and developed a new plan designed to attract stronger candidates.

A major part of our plan was to put in place a pre-screening process that would do a better job of eliminating unqualified candidates early in the process.

Good customer service representatives need to be inherent problem solvers who like helping people.   They need patience, enthusiasm and commitment, as well as good speaking and writing skills.  Also important is empathy.  Current business research shows that demonstrating empathy and making better connections with customers to help them solve their problems has become a differentiator for successful companies in a world dominated by the Internet.

After taking this complex array of required skills into account, we designed a screening process that  proved to be an excellent predictor of a candidate’s suitability for work in our client’s customer service environment.

A Successful Outcome

As a result of the new recruiting procedures, our client  experienced lower turnover rates and improved customer service quality. Because of the reduced turnover, the client also reports a savings to their organization of $250,000 compared to the first vendor.

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Hiring for multiple locations can quickly strain your budget and your own HR staff.  Flex Execs has worked successfully in such situations and has the experienced recruiters to help you quickly find the right staff in economical and time-efficient ways.

Hiring Across Locations for Telecommunications

One of our telecommunications clients needed to hire 30 CSRs per month for a number of months. While they had located and hired some candidates, they wanted to find even stronger candidates with a skillset that better fit the persona they were looking for.

In short, they needed to find better qualified candidates with specific experience.  The client also told us the interview process for hiring with their organization was thorough and challenging, making it especially important to locate source candidates who would do well in such interviews.

Take the Solution to Where It’s Needed

To accommodate the increased hiring needs, Flex Execs placed contract recruiters on-site in the client’s facilities in the three different states that required the new employees. We studied the individual characteristics of the employment market at each location and developed plans to maximize them. We used multiple techniques and were conscious of the need to “think out of the box” regarding the ways to attract the candidates that would have the skill sets required.

These interim recruiters highlighted the benefits of working for the company and paid special attention to preparing strong postings that gave applicants a sense of what it would be like to work for the company. They were clear about how to apply and made those steps easy to follow. They also articulated the role the successful hires would play within the organization.

Over the ensuing months, our client’s new CSRs were not only better equipped to handle client issues and challenges, but they were also being promoted within months.  This outcome was exactly what the client desired and, in fact, exceeded their expectations.

Your Success is Our Success

Our telecommunications client continued to use us for their other staffing needs across departments.

His comment to us was, “Flex Execs did an outstanding job and our senior leadership can’t believe the level of professionals that you have brought into our organization in such a timely fashion.”

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For a growing business, one location is often not enough. When you have multiple locations in rural areas, finding the right talent is a challenge for most companies, especially in a tight candidate market.  Couple that with the lowest unemployment rates in our lifetimes, and it can mean serious recruiting challenges.

Our client told us that the successful applicants would be in highly-visible positions and would be working in various rural areas.  The company needed to have the positions filled quickly but had not been having success working with other talent agencies.

Finding the Right Candidates Means Taking the Right Approach and Being Creative

Using the expertise of our recruiters and considering the unique needs of our manufacturing client, we were able to take the focus beyond finding the right managerial fit. Our team looked at what types of people would be a strong fit for their culture and engaged unique and creative recruiting strategies to identify the right people.

Placing the emphasis on leadership skills and culture fit, we were able to find interested candidates in the targeted rural areas that were a great fit for these mid- to senior-level management positions! Our Client was  able to fill these critical positions within a matter of weeks with talented people that fit the bill for their  needs

How Impressed was Our Manufacturing Client?

Equally important to the approach we took to drive results, we did so at a savings of nearly 40% under what a traditional search firm would have charged! The client was happy, and we were happy to hear her say, “Flex Execs has done such a great job that all the hiring managers are asking specifically to work with your company.”

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